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We are open everyday from 10 am - 10pm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (Last minute appointments accepted )



Aubrey Texas 76227


If your considering putting a deposit on a puppy before you are able to pick him/her up or before the delivery please let us know we can send you more photo’s and videos to assure he/she is the right match for you and your family. Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE and CANNOT be TRANSFERRED to another puppy.  Delivery or shipping requires full payment plus s&h.


We DO DELIVER for FREE if you are no farther than 30 miles of Aubrey and you have already placed a deposit!

Female Surcharge

Females are subject to an “extra” $100 charge on top of listed price with our discretion.


We offer a year health guarantee. We always make sure the pups have their initial puppy shots, deworming, deparasiting and a vet check prior to your purchase.


What will I need before I pick up my puppy?

Usually just and extra small collar and a leash.  We do provide a bit of a selection in case you don't know if you're buing a male or female or if you don't have time to go to the store.  We also sell most sizes of crates for crate training along with a good selections of toys.  We also sell the food the puppies of been on since you should stay on whatever ther've been eating and slowly transition to something else because they have sensitive stomachs to any change in diet.  If you do change to a new food you should do it slowly and gradually.  And if you do buy dishes we recommend stainless steel dishes but if you're not quite sure what size dog you're going to have you might want to wait on that.  We do sell some dishes as well.  We do have a few harnesses but that is something you should buy later and size you dog for.  Other than that if you want to buy a bed in advance you can or bedding for inside the crate is most important.  But if you don't know what size the crate is just use towels or blankets for now.

Will I need to set up a vet visit?

Yes we provide a one year health guarantee with all of our puppies and if you want that to be valid you must do a wellness check within five business days of picking your puppy up.  We do give you a nice little cheat sheet to follow to make sure you remember what to ask the veterinarian about.  We do recommend that your puppy only get one vaccine at a time when they are a smaller breed and we do microchip as well so it's a good idea to let your vet know that your dog has been micro-chipped.  Also most importantly always bring a stool sample into your veterinarian to make sure all the worms and parasites are clean and clear.  We do a very good job of eradicating this but parasites especially are very stress related and can re-manifest during a big change acclimating to all these new places and people.

Why is there an extra $100 charge for females?

It is very typical for dogs to have less females in a litter than males for some reason and they're harder to come by.

Are your puppies crate trained or gone into a kennel?

Because there's a lot of sterilizing in cleaning we have to do on a daily basis it can be very time consuming and unhealthy to have puppies sleep in a kennel.  Although from time to time we will put crates in their big playpen so they have the option to go inside.  Don't worry about crate training at home we have lots of training advice on how to crate train your dog and we give you lots of materials and videos along with a talk when you pick up your puppy and it usually only takes about one night and one day for them to get used to a crate.

What if my puppy doesn't eat or drink much when I get them home?

It is very important to make sure that your puppy starts eating and drinking as soon as possible although it's very common for a puppy to worry more about where you are and be very preoccupied with its new surroundings so they may not eat of drink for awhile.  After about 4-5 hours we like to see your dog eating and drinking and if they don't please call us IMMEDIATELY.  Our phone is 214-471-7426 and is on 24/7 for texts (or calls) in case you are worried about anything.  If we don't answer please call more than once.  If you have any concerns whatsoever when it comes to food and water you should contact us as soon as possible since especially smaller dogs can get low blood sugar and hyperglycemia very easily and becomes dehydrated its important to contact us before you go to a veterinarian because many times we can give suggestions on how to get you puppy to eat and drink. 

I've put a deposit on a puppy.  When can I pick it up?

If it is during a busy time we try to always put the date underneath the photo online and when to contact us to set up an appointment.  Although you can try texting or calling us as well but it is best to watch for that date online and text either Brenda or Dusty on when is the best time for you to pick them up either that day or the next day.  Deposits are Non Refundable and Cannot be transferred to another puppy.

It's been a long time since I've trained a puppy or I've never trained a puppy.  Will you help me with training?

Yes we are very well known for spending a lot of time with customers either on the phone and when they visit to pick up their puppy.  You will feel much less anxiety and less overwhelmed once you watch your videos and listen to our recordings and read our materials along with talking to us personally.  Along with your one year health guarantee on you puppy you are also getting a lifetime of basic training and advice over the phone.  

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